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Last Year's FTF Conference. Out of hand.

We’re going to rock through our set! Latest set list:
1. Hoagland
2. Teeth
3. Emperor
4. Satellite
5. Picture Perfect
6. Pig Bitch
7. Shift
8. Amorican
9. Untitled (new tune)

Early Show at the Rock Financial Showplace, Metro Music Expo. K4 is live at 8:15pm

Corktown Tavern must have searched long and hard to find their sound guy, who appeared to be a giant groundhog (with tiny ears). This guy is a true professional. What a jackass. Corktown! Where’s my frinkin’ Hag-Dag?!

Krescent 4, live in Detroit, with Garden of Souls and The Disregarded. Bring your drinkin’ boots and be ready to eat some Hag-Dags in the back. Be ready to ROCK!

Yeah, try eating this long-dog with the Disco Tech bassin’ your ass!

It was a bitch, but damn, some kick ass dogs at the Cork Town Tavern.

Damn! Stime was ready to kick some ass here fellas (2001 L.A.) Fuck yeah!

Yes, it’s rare, but the Shower Bat has been sighted at a few K4 gigs. Some say they’ve seen it fly from a Chrysler minivan (these sightings have only been in Canada).